Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Last Day Part 1

Tomorrow is my last day at Jimmy John's.  I feel like I am thinking about this too much or making it a bigger deal than it should be.  But then I remember how much I hate change.  I know it happens, it's inevitable, it would be boring if change wasn't around, but for this girl, it's the worst.  And because I don't like change, I over think about the change that is about to happen.  I worry about the things that I can not control.  I talk about it obsessively because I really do not want those things to change that dramatically.  Like this change, for my "I hate change" world, I would go on to this new and (I'm sure to be) amazing job while still being part of Jimmy John's.  You know, as a consultant or something uber important like that, sharing my pearls of wisdom and experience without actually having to work there.  That way, I could move on for what is better for me but still be a part of what I fell in love with nine years ago.  It's egotistical to think that I was that important to the company that they would still want my advice after I leave, but it's my dream world right?

Today I said good bye to a few people that I will not see again.  My favorite PIC, Staci, came in for her paycheck today.  I haven't seen her since her last day about 3 weeks ago.  She gave me the biggest hug ever.  I love that girl.  It's been tough not having her there for the past three weeks.  Seeing her made me so happy at the end of a slow day.  Then my other favorite PIC, Jessica, was leaving.  I won't see her tomorrow.  Hugs were given.  I didn't cry but I felt really sad when she walked away.  I hate knowing that eventually they will just be girls that worked their butts off for me.  That I won't know how they did in the rest of college or if they stay in Cincinnati.  I  mean, there is always facebook, but that's not the same as real life and the present.

Tomorrow will be harder good-byes.

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  1. It is just a new adventure and there will be new favourite people and new stories. You can always stop by and get a sandwich when you like :)