Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Week of Sundays

*this entry involves a lot of pictures*

Last week was Parker's spring break and I was lucky enough to get my vacation approved for the same week.  It was rather uneventful compared to last year's trip to Galitnburg, which is one of my top 5 favorite trips ever, but it was really nice.  He had a field trip on Saturday and of course I found my self at a loss with 3 hours to myself.....so i cleaned.  And what started as an easy task of filing papers and straightening my room quickly turned into cleaning out my closet.  But now I can fit a my laundry basket in side my closet!!!!!  I have never done that before!  I feel like I made the discovery of convenience by putting it there.  I mean, it seriously looks good in there. 
And most of my top shelf is completely empty.  Isn't it great how I when I had time to myself...like actually to my self, no other commitments to anyone, that I spend that time cleaning out my closet....I still feel lame.  Later though, the real excitement happened, we cleaned Parker's room.  Whoa!  (You are totally checking out my shoes aren't you...yes those are amazing blue peep toe below my pink pumps)

It's not like the entire week was that way.  There was some fun had by all.  mr took me to dinner and to see The Hunger Games that Sunday.  It was a really nice night together.  It isn't often that we get a date night, so it was beautiful to have that time together, just us.  And the best part of the entire night-he liked a movie that I picked out!!!!  Sound the trumpets!  Bang the drums!  This is a first folks!!!  We have very little movie compatibility so The Hunger Games is definitely going down as a must buy when it is out so that when all else fails, we know we will both like what we watch.

 On Tuesday my mom and Jen came to visit and we finally framed some art that I have had under my bed for 3 years.  And on top of that, the two of them decided where it should all hang!  It's up to me though to get most of it on the walls.....but I have done a good job so far.  It is nice to look around and see the beautiful Monet prints or the art by Lauren or the print of my favorite fountain all on the walls.  Parker even got his Monet up on his wall.  There is nothing better that hearing him say, "I love Claude Monet."  He really showed a lot of interest when we went to the art museum to see the Monet exhibit.  It warms my soul that he likes my favorite.

<--By Lauren Moyer
 <--In Parker's room, his favorite at the exhibit were the ones with the bridge.
 <---my favorite fountain.  This was a photo that was copied on to a canvas.  It is from roughly 1945.  There is a marquee on the left side of the picture from a theater that was torn down in 1977 to build The Weston.  It was called the Ablee Theater.  I wish it was still there.
 <---This is by Jennifer (Moyer) Leopold, my bedroom now has a tree theme and I love it :)
 <---my Poplars

 <---my Parker

Every morning, I woke up it felt relaxing like a Sunday morning.  I loved that feeling.  When we went on our bike ride on Wednesday, Parker was riding and repeating "Ah, this is the life Mom.  This is the life."  While hysterical, his comment made me think of what that really meant to him.  He was doing one of his favorite activities with me.  It was warm and beautiful that day. We rode almost 5 miles (which I felt all of the next day) and ended at the play ground.  There were no other kids there that early but Parker still ran around like crazy and made me watch every Monkey Bar accomplishment.  It really was the life.
                                          I love Winton Woods.

Whenever I have a chunk of time spent at home, it always makes me wonder what it is like on the other side of the fence.  But now that Parker is older, I realize that I have missed out on that opportunity to be a stay at home mom.  I mean, it would still be amazing to pick Parker up everyday at 3:45 instead of having him go to the after school program.  My house would be immaculate but apparently I really like to clean when I have time to myself.  But what else would I do?  Oh, yes, I forgot!  I fell in love again with origami....so that it what else I would do!
I made all those little paper animals and now I don't know what to do with them.  The frogs are pretty cool, they jump.

Regardless of whether I have missed out on the other side of the fence or not, last week was great.  There was no real planning involved with my vacation.  No extra cost spent (well, except the origami paper).  I had time to see my family, time alone with my mr and much need full attention and quality time with my son.  I could totally take a vacation like that about once a month.

I forgot....we also built this race car.  Pretty damn crafty if you ask me!

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