Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Wore

This is my first "What I Wore" post.  I am not very fashionable so this may very well be my last "What I Wore Post."

As you know from reading recently, there has been a huge life change over here.  I have walked into the darkness of another job and am trying to find the cord to the light bulb everyday.  I will find it eventually, it will all make sense eventually and their dreams of me becoming VP will happen.......eventually.  Three days in and I am confident that I am doing better than first hire expectations BUT that really doesn't mean much right now, it has only been 3 days, the very complicated and hard stuff is yet to come.  But any who, I don't really know what to write here.  I guess I could tell you about the picture above.  This is what I wore last week.  This was taken on my last day.  It is the JJ team looking "tough" (yes, that is my tough really scares off bad guys).  There is Derek, Pete, Quinn and Greg in there...they do a much better job than me.  So yes, that is what I wore last week as well and 90% of the past 9 years.  As you can guess, I dress a little bit differently now.  They were not fond of the idea of me still wearing a JJ uniform in an office.

So this is what I wore on my first day this past Monday (the picture is not that good at all, don't judge.  And yes, my hair is that big, and yes I did pull it back because i couldn't fit at my desk it was so huge).  A small difference in appearance right?  And it's completely shocking that I feel older in office clothes too right?  Ha!  When I was trying outfits on Sunday evening I looked in the mirror and was surprised at how old I look.  I said that out loud and Parker came up beside me, looked at me in the mirror, and said, "Well, that is what happens Mom, people just get older."  And then went back to his toys.  And people say that I am too truthful about the cruel world to him! 

I will share yet another bad picture of what I wore today.  Parker took this one so we can all blame him for me looking bad....right?!

Dammit, I just realize both pictures have the same jacket in them.  I didn't really wear the jacket at all today so just close your eyes and imagine this one jacketless.

So that is all I have to share.  Melaina made me do this.  She twisted my arm all the way from Scotland.....oh my, peer pressure at it's best ;)

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  1. I love ALL the photos! I don't think you look older you just look more sophisticated :)