Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Name

It's close upon us......the end is near........hold on to your loved ones because the other side of the hill is fast approaching.....that's one month I will be........30!!!!!!!!  Run fast and away from this travesty!!!!

30.....jeeze, when did I get so old?  Well, I mean, in a month, when did I get so old?  I'm not really fearful of it, but it does stop to make me think and reflect.  Like, 20 years ago.....I made the biggest deal out of turning The Big 1-0.  Seriously, ask anyone in my family....I made a BIG deal out of it.  It was just 10 though.  I mean, yea it's pretty important when you finally reach the double digits, but I went a little overboard.  Ten years ago, when I turned 20.....I honestly don't really remember what I did.  Shockingly though, I do remember my 21st birthday because my best friends threw me a Blue's Clues themed birthday.  It was great.  I got my own Handy Dandy Notebook and all.....wait maybe that was my 20th birthday.....crap!  I'm getting so old I can't even remember ten years ago!

I never really thought of turning 30 so I don't know that I am upset with where I am in life....I would like to have a little more student loan debt paid off by now and it would be nice to not have the pay check to pay check kind of life style, but then again....I had my son at 22, graduated college at 24 and worked at the same restaurant from 20 to 29 and then started a new career at 29.  I can't expect a money making miracle to come out of the past ten years.....especially with the way that RP eats.  I'm surprised we have money left for clothes! 

This is totally lame, but my biggest problem with turning 30 is the fact that I will have to change my blog sub title......A Day in the Life: The View from a Sarcastic, In a Relationship but Not Married 30ish Mom......that just doesn't sound as appealing, what do you think?

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  1. I have a picture of you with that Blue's Clues cake all over your face somewhere :)