Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inaugural Green BEAN Experience

Yesterday it finally came!!!  No, not the election, well yes the election, but my first Green BEAN Delivery!!!  What is Green BEAN Delivery you ask?  Well, let me tell you.

Green BEAN Delivery is a home delivery produce company.  They are dedicated to using local vendors and most of the vendors on their list are organic farmers.  You go to their site, sign up, and about week later you can pick the produce and/or grocery items you want and BAM!  They show up on your door step on your designated delivery day!

I opted for the small produce bin plus grocery items for my first delivery.  The site will make recommendations as to the size of the produce that will fit you and your family needs.  Since it is just RP at home, the small worked great.  I chose the one with extra grocery items for primarily one reason.  One of the local vendors that Green BEAN Delivery works with is Fabulous Ferments in Northside.  I am familiar with their sauerkraut from their booth at Findlay Market, but it wasn't until I was working in Clifton at the JJ that I was introduced to their Kombucha.  Oh my god, it's my fav!  Especially the Purple Party Time Carrot (or something like that).  They also have Beet Kvass, which sound kinda nasty at first, but you crave more after you drink some!  Anyway, I haven't had Fab Ferment's Kombucha since I have stopped working in Clifton (Whole Foods in Mason doesn't carry it *LAME!*), so I was super excited to see that Green BEAN Delivery sells their products.  Although they don't have all the flavors of Kombucha, it doesn't matter to me! 

So, I chose the small bin plus groceries.  They have a minimum order of $35 and my total was $35.90 (because of the Kombucha).  All of the items, with exception of the green beans, were organic but the beans are from Ohio.  Starting on Thursdays, I am able to modify my bin for the Tuesday delivery.  There is so much to choose from or you can just get what ever they throw in there and have it be a surprise.  Of course I modified mine.  They had potatoes originally in my bin, but we are not really potato kind of eating folks, so I switched those out for some green beans, mushrooms and a kiwi.  All together, I received 21 separate items (aka 4 Fuji apples I am counting as 4 items not 1).  I have not conducted a huge comparison to what I spend at Kroger's weekly, but just a brief look at the last receipt it had....I had 18 produce items (not including frozen) and spent roughly $1.35 per item.  In my bin I had 21 items and spent roughly $1.33 (excluding the Kombucha).  So they are close, except I never buy organic at Kroger because it is so much more per lbs.  So really, this week, I have spent less on my produce purchase.

I had one of my apples today and it was delicious.  The bananas were not yet ripe, nor the pears.  The broccoli was beautifully green, the carrots fresh and orange, the mushroom were loose packed in a brown paper bag, there was two squashes that looked like acorn (although they were called something else), a big bag of green beans......hmm....I can't remember what else was in there now!  Oh yea, oranges!

RP was so excited about the bin already being on our step when we got home from work/school.  He insisted on bringing it into the house alone.  We then had a discussion about how it was like when the tooth fairy comes except it has nothing to do with teeth, pillows or money.  You know how a conversation with a 7 year old start in one place and end up in a completely different place.

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