Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 52 Project

Last year, a blogger I follow-Lauren over at CrumbBums, did a portrait project of her three kids.  I didn't see her doing this until about half way through the year but I really like the idea of taking one picture of your child(ren) once a week to post and have as an archive.  I take like a billion pictures of RP but to have it one week to another is a great idea.  Looking through the portraits of her kids, you see how much they change week to week, month to month.

I have already failed at a 365 photo challenge, but I think I can handle this one.  So without further adieu, I present to you, photo number 1 (well week one, two portraits)

A portrait of my son, once a week for every week in 2014.

His patience was running thin in line at Kroger while all of Cincinnati prepared for Snowmageddon 2014.

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