Thursday, August 6, 2009

Piss ass day

What a fucking day! It wasn't eventfull at all but one of those days
where nothing falls into place. First I couldn't sleep last night
because of the fucking air matrees (but that's another story) and my
back was killing me. This morning was fine until Parker and I got to
the store and then he was fucking around with EvERYTHING! Everytime I
tell him to stop doing something I have to get the point of counting
down to timeout for him to quit! I don't know I it is a four year
thing or just him but UGH! I could strangle him! So whatever, we walk
to daycare and I go back to my day. Which considering my spats with
Parker, was really smooth until Collins showed up...3 weeks early!
Not prepared for that at all! I know your like who the fuck is
that...corporate guy that grades my store. Not that I was in bad mood
but just not feelin it today. I guess that was very apparent when I
couldn't make one sandwich correclty or smoothly. Like I said
earlier, nothing fell into place, everything was like 2 seconds
behind when normally, atleast at work, I'm like 2 seconds ahead. I
don't brag much about anything I do because I'm not one of those
people who are exceptional at anything but I can make a fucking
sandwich and I can kick that store's ass....but again I was just like
eh today. I hate it when I'm like that especially when Collins is

I still did well but really could have done better and that is what
gets me down the rest of the day like right now...I can't let shit go.

Of course Parker is still not listening. So the night

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