Monday, October 26, 2009

Soccer to basketball

Soccer season ended on Saturday. Parker's ability to participate the
past few weeks was a challenge. There has been bad weather, then we
missed a game, then a make up game on Thursday. He did well at the
game during the week so I thought Saturday would be great! You know
with the bribery of it being the last game, the party afterwards,
going to Dayton to see the grandparents! I mean, that's a lot of
excitement to make a kid play some soccer! My demise was the
weather. I did not prepare either of us for the cold that we
endeared. Oh my God it was cold! So cold that even after we were
inside for the party and then left to go home, my body shuddered at
the cold air.

After the game was over and we went in for the party, Parker walked in
and saw the trophies sitting on the table, turned around and looked at
me with huge eyes and said, "Do I get a trophy too?!?!". He had such a
look of pride. The rest of the weekend, he showed everyone his trophy
and would say, "This is the first trophy I EVER got for soccer!".

This Sunday we have our basketball clinic and Monday is the first day
of practice. Drippling will, by far, be the biggest challenge because
he is awful. Shooting and passing should be okay, but we'll see.
Shawn has volunteered at the Y as an assistant coach and will be
driving Parker to all of the practices....should be interesting in
further blurring the lines in our friendship (atleast on my end).
Important part, Parker gets to play basketball, hang out with a
positive male role model, and won't have to be at daycare until closing.

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