Sunday, November 1, 2009


Today has wiped me out! Basketball started today and out of three
coaches, none of them could make it! That's a little rediculous! On
top of attempting to help in a sport I know nothing about, Parker was
literally laying on the ground.

Trick or treating was fun last night. We went with Mary, her two kids
and husband. I've never really been to Cheviot neighborhoods before
so it was neat to walk around. Very cold, but neat. After we were
done trick or treating we put on some foil and went to Chipotle for
free burritos.....deeeelicious!

My work week last week sucked towards the end. Collins and a dude he
was training came to my store the same day that my night crew forgot
to put away the bread the night before. Stressful morning to say the
least. The dude intraining was cool though. Pretty cute too. We did
great on the audit so the day ended well except that I was there until
close. So I didn't get make yummies for Parker Halloween party on
Friday and then Friday I had to close too! It a wonder that I am so

I have also spent way too many hours on the phone until way too earliy
in the morning with a fellow. The amount of time we have spent on the
phone the past two nights is like what high schoolers do. I mean
seriously, who talks on the phone for 5 hours!?!? I did! When I was
16 I would do that all the time! I guess I can't complain though,
this guy is pretty cool and easy to talk to. You know me, can't get
too caught up in it. I want to but if you have read this over the
past few months, it tends to not go anywhere. Maybe I'll be wrong
this time. He is sweet and funny and easy to talk to (obviously) and
cute and has tattoos and knows about cars and has a motorcycle and has
a good job and is the same age as me and didn't flinch when I said I
have a son and and and....ahem, sorry, I got a little carried away!

So we'll see....I think I'm going to go pass out now.

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