Sunday, November 8, 2009

Allyson the plumber

To all of you that own your own home, I don't know if I should be
jealous or not. My kitchen sink started draining very slowly two days
ago so yesterday I decided half a bottle of drano should fix
it....wrong-o!!! Poured it in, waited the suggested half an hour,
left the house for the evening, returned and still, the sink was half
full of water. This morning, still half full of water (notice the
optimism is half full?!?!?! I am a changing woman!). So I decided I
can take care of this without calling my landlord! He is an oft
anyway and it wouldn't get fixed by him until tomorrow...problem
standing in my way? No tools. Daddydearest brought me down some
wrenches and we got to work. Water went everywhere only for us to
figure out that the clog was not in the trap. So now I have to pawn
it off on my landlord but there are dishes! So many dishes!!! Sunday
is catch up and clean all the dishes day!!! This day cannot actually
be completed and checked off until all the dishes are done!!!!!
Solution you ask?! The tub. I just washed dishes in the effing tub.
Awesome. So now I am wondering about home ownership. Is it better to
have to fix all the stuff yourself or pawn it off?

Although today cannot be completed because my back cannot handle all
the dishes in the tub, the rest of the house looks amazing. Parker
was responsible for picking up his toys in the living room today and
the usual "I can't do it all by my self," whine-fest started. He
whined a bit, I told him he could atleast put his race track away by
himself and he did. Then while I was cleaning the bathroom I hear him
say " Mommy come look at the living room.". I went out and every toy
and book were put away, the clincher, everything was put away in it's
place! He was so proud of himself, he was beaming :) (and so was I).

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