Friday, January 29, 2010


I know I posted that countdown to when I am taking the GRE, but I have been lacking on my preparation already. I am a really bad test taker, so I really need to study, study, study. I will blame being deathly ill last week on the pause in progress, but I figure if I talk about it enough to others and write it down as much as possible, then I have to hold my self accountable to actually taking the test....I mean, someone is bound to ask me on March 16th how I felt like I did AND they do give immediate results on everything except the writing....sooooo....I am going to do it. I swear. I took the study guide out of my back seat and everything today... (this really is just a pep talk to myself at this point).

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  1. Make sure you study math. That was definitely the stuff I forgot :/