Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doctor Doctor!

Friday nights are always a special night in my house. I leave work a
little early, Parker looks forward to the day of the week when he
isn't that last child at "Childcare Center" (his name of his school),
and we go home. I am able to actually cook a meal, do some dishes and
Parker gets to play for an infinate amout of time, in his mind. This
past Friday was great, Nikki and Quinn came over for a bit, it has
been eons since we have hung out, and of course the kids always love
to play. It was awesome, ate some food and then a little TV. At bed
time it started to turn, as usual, it was a struggle and I lay down
with him. An hour and half later he was awake and sobbing in pain.
Another ear ache. The entire night was quiet for 35 minutes then
tears and pain. Hour after hour, dose after dose of Tylenol (the
correct amount of time between them), the morning light broke through
with no more than a handful of hours that contained sleep. We headed
to the doctor's office as soon as we could.

Strep throat and an ear infection. That was almost a given since I
had strep the week prior. Everytime we have gone to the doctor with
an ear infection, the same thing is told to me. It is just a phase,
he will grow out of it. But this time the doctor came into inform me
that he had lost weight. In his 4 and 1/2 years of life, he has never
done anything but gain weight. Last time I weighed him, he was 51
lbs. Granted he weighed 48.5 lbs at the doctor's. Not much, but my
stomach sank. They did a urine test and there were traces of blood
and protein. Then they needed to check his blood pressure. Since the
day he was born, I have never had that feel of "what is wrong with my
baby?". I don't want to scare anyone reading, so I will stop now to
say, we went back for another urine analysis Monday, and it is normal.

The doctor told me, also a first, that because of his history with ear
infections and having strep twice in one year on top of being a mouth
breather, snorer, and drooler, that it would not be out of line to see
a specialist about his adnoids and tonsils. So Friday is the day of
appointments....yearly check up following a meeting with the specialist.

BLAH! I hate doctor's appointments for myself so this is an even higher amount of distain!


  1. Oh, poor Parker! Poor Allyson! There is nothing worse than worrying about the health of your child..

  2. Let Parker know that I don't have tonsils or adnoids and you get to eat lots of popsicles if they have to come out!