Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

Like many other Moms know, almost everyday you and your child reach a new milestone.  Today was my first Parent-Teacher Conference.  Last week during the Open House, Mrs. R and I were chatting about Montessori, how it benefits and the different stations that were set up around the room.  Parker had been having exceptionally bad behavior last week and the weeks prior (mentioned here).  I asked the teacher about his behavior at school and when she stated that he hadn't been listening, I welled up with tears.  I was/still am embarrassed about my emotional outburst....outburst is a little strong, but you know what I mean.  She had been telling me about the parent-teacher conferences coming up but that she could meet with me earlier than the end of October.....and that bring us to tonight. 

I was nervous.  At about 1:30 while I was trying to get things together to leave work early, I started getting really jittery.  My stomach was in knots and my heart was all fluttery.  I had no idea why I was so nervous and what for when I realized, that regardless of how I view my child, his new teacher may not like him as much as he was liked at the daycare facility.  She may have some unfortunate information to tell me.  Maybe I should have waited and started Parker on the old end of his class instead of the young end of his class.  Maybe she was going to tell me to consult the doctor about ADHD, or that he was rough with other children or that he talked back and was disrespectful to the teacher......every negative thing ran through my head. 

Contrary to what I thought would happen or could happen, it was a very complimentary and productive meeting.  We talked about the listening issue and fortunately, he is not worse or better than other kids with it.  Some days he lacks the ability to listen more than other days, but I told her about our new start sticker for listening in the morning and the evening and Mrs. R gave me a big thumbs up for that idea.  So now I just have to work on keeping "the reins tight."  Basically, I will mirror the same technique in the school.  Mrs. R told me how much she likes Parker's character and the pride that he carries when he completes his work.  She said that his penmanship is very good and he will be reading by December.  She thinks that once he is more used to the routine of his new life that he will progress at a faster pace than he already is.....what can I say besides that I am a proud mama.

We will continue with the star stickers and don't worry, I am not going to spoil the kid rotten.  His first reward is his own calender for his stickers.  His second will be a Mommy and Parker day hike at a park (I know, you are jealous!) or maybe the Children's Museum.......

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