Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 26-Picture of your family

  My Mom's family

 In the back: Lauren, me, Jen, Uncle Steve, Cousin Aurora, Cousin Aurora's husband Matt holding Brailyn.

Front: Parker, Pat, my Mom and Aunt Karen.

My Dad's Family
This one is really you can see, Parker is a baby.  Jen and Eric are missing, Lauren is minus a Kevin and I am plus a "Parker's Dad"

But in this picture are (from left back to front)
Aunt Sally, Cousin Karl, Cousin Karl's Wife Rhonda, Cousin Jon, Cousin Jon's Wife Sarah, Cousin Andy, Uncle Ron, Aunt Nancy, Cousin Chris, Grandma Phyllis, Lilia, my Dad, nameless.
Front: Uncle Rick, Cousin Katie holding Karl and Rhonda's daughter Anna, Grandpa Don, me holding Parker and Lauren.

This is the wedding picture of my maternal grandparents.  My Grandpa Ray (Parker's first name is Raymond after him) passed away in 1993 before I turned 11 years old.  And my Grandma Peggy passed away a month before Parker was born in May 2005.  She died on their anniversary at the time that they were married.

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