Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 27-Pets

When I was born, we already had a dog.  She was an Irish Setter and her name was Abby.  My parents got her before Jen was born so she was their first baby.  She died when I was four to cancer.  I remember her and I was sad when she died, but I don't remember her too well.

We found a box turtle some where and had it for a few days but then we drove to the "county" and set it free.  I don't remember if we named it or not.

One year for Christmas we got a canary from Santa.  It's name was Vivaldi after the composer but I will tell you this....it never sang.  I think we had a it a year or maybe 18 months.  I do not recommend a bird as a pet.  You have to change the stinky news paper everyday....they poop a lot.

When I was 9, we decided that it was time to get another dog.  I don't know whose idea it was to get a Dalmatian, but that is what we got.  She was great.  She had a blue eye and a brown eye and tons of spots.  We named her Freckles.  She was a pretty big puppy but then quit growing, she didn't get nearly as big as Dalmatians are supposed to.  She was crazy and ate like a maniac.  Some dogs you can have food in their bowls all day and they will much on it whenever they feel like it....not her.  You would put the food in her bowl and about two seconds later it was gone.  She didn't like dog treats either, her favorite was ice cubes.  Dalmatians are only supposed to live like 8 years or something short like that but I am pretty sure she was around for almost 12....although I can't remember because I was away at college when my mom had to put her down.  She was so sick and not herself anymore that it was really sad to watch.  It was a hard decision for my mom to make but we all knew it was right.

During some of the time we had Freckles we also got a water turtle from Santa.  His names was Zoit.  He was angry  He would try to bite us whenever we got him out of his tank.  One time I was bobbing for apples, and for some reason there were gold fish in the water with the apples, well after the party I took one of the fish home with me.  It was going to go either way, Zoit would eat it or they would live in perfect harmony.  It was the latter.  So eventually I, so creatively, named the gold fish Goldie.  I went to the pet shop and bought Goldie a buddy to swim with, it was a white "gold" fish with an orange spot on it's forehead, so we named it The Brain.  The Brain didn't last more that 4 days in the tank with Zoit and Goldie.  Apparently Zoit liked white fish better than gold ones.  Eventually Zoit died, but Goldie out lived him.  I swear we had that gold fish for 2 years..or longer!

Now Parker has two pet frogs.  They are kinda boring.  You can't take them out of their tank and they are about an inch long.  He likes them though.  He named them Salt and Pepper (one is dark gray and the other is light gray).  At first it was Salt and Salt, then he was convinced to change one of them to salt's partner pepper.  Naturally he named the light one Pepper and the dark one Salt.

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