Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 Year Wisdom

You know those night where you are ready to strangle your child?  Not because of anything serious but because they have honestly just been really annoying all night and not listening to the simplest instruction?  Well, I have a fix for you when you are having one of those night like I am tonight.....think of something that your child did to make your heart swoon for them with in the past week.  If you can't think of anything your child did that week to make your heart swoon.....then I can't help you.....sorry.

Tonight I am reminding myself of the three bits of wisdom my son expressed starting last Wednesday.

The first bit:
We were having Thanksgiving at my Dad's house last Wednesday evening.  It was a small occasion, just my dad, step mom, sister, brother in law, grandma and grandpa and of course, RP and I.  My dad caught my grandma off guard by telling her that she was going to say grace so my quick witted grandmother asked us each to name something we were grateful for so that we were all apart of grace.  She started with RP and he said, "I am thankful for our houses, our food and love."  He went first and that it how amazing of a thought this kid had!  I love that!  He is thankful for love!!  Instantly I felt like I have been doing something right.

The second bit:
On Friday RP and I went downtown for the tree lighting and ice skating.  We try to go every year because we both love being downtown and going to Fountain Square so much.  He is a fearless ice skater and I have become more confident too....I mean, he can't be better than me, I'm the Mom!  So anyway, we are waiting in line, a band is singing Christmas songs and then he looks at me and says, "You know that Christmas isn't really about getting presents?  It's about being with your family.  It's a nice to be able to see all your family together.  That is what it is really about....not presents."  This child is the most kind hearted kid in the world!!!!!  Again, felt like I am doing something right.

The third bit:
At some point in the last few weeks I purchase the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  RP has only seen bits and pieces of it so we watched it the other day.  It was Saturday morning that I put it on at mr's house but I had to run out and renew my plates for my car.  It was still on when I returned and it was around the time that Veronica (?) what a golden goose of her own and she wanted it to lay 100 golden eggs a day.  RP is sitting on that couch and he says, "These kids only think about them selves."  And then he gave kind of a laugh/snort.....almost as though he thought their behavior was ridiculous.

So tonight, while he has been not showing bits of wisdom, I have reflected upon the past week.  He is an amazing kid and he has those moments of enlightenment, it is hard when he is a regular 7 year old again.  But I feel better now, less stressed.  He is finally in bed and.....wait for it.......yes, I think he is asleep.  This kind of therapy works by golly! 


  1. He is a really sweet boy! And it's Veruca not Veronica ;)

    1. I knew I was wrong! I forget about the information that can be found on the internet